You might remember that during the Spring and early Summer I was deeply embroiled in making a film. (See several earlier posts, e.g. here, here, here, and here).) It was a short film to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Aspen Center for Physics, and I was keen (in my role as filmmaker) to give it a treatment that benefits from my being a theoretical physicist, and one who is familiar enough with the Center, all in order to get the right tone of the film. (Jump to the end of the post if you want to see it without more background thoughts.) There’s a spirit of the Center that is quiet, reflective, and inspiring of thoughts that need time to be explored, so I definitely did not want the usual loud, buzzing, overly busy type of film that you often see about science activity. It did not seem appropriate. Working with Dave Gaw (who was an awesome principal cinematographer and editor for the project) and with Bob Melisso (who shared some of the production and direction work with me), I think the result strikes the right note overall. A fun side note: I got to design a number of unique (and definitely handcrafted) elements for the look that I think you’ll like and recognize from other visual work of mine you’ve seen on this blog, and just as with my earlier film projects from 2009 (see here and here) it was a real buzz to help figure out how to make them fly, and then see the elements come together in their final form up on screen.

People really seemed to like the film a lot, from what I’ve heard. (It was shown extensively at many of the Summer events celebrating the 50th at the Center.) So while it did take a lot of my time, it seems like it was time well worth spending since it served the purpose of helping people understand what the Center is about, where it has come from, and maybe a little about where it is going to. It’s now time for a wider audience to see the film, and so as of today they have put it up on the website for the Aspen Center for Physics, and you can see it there. Also, just for convenience, I’ve embedded their link into a local video viewer below, but be sure to visit the ACP’s site if you don’t already know about the Center. Enjoy! (Warning – seems that some versions of Firefox do not play well with the embed below, so try Safari or Chrome, or click here for direct download (takes a while).)


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4 Responses to Premiering…!

  1. Robin says:

    Superb, as a film, a subject about which I stupidly claim expertise, and as an experience which makes me wish, for once, that I hadn’t flunked out of CalTech those many decades ago.

  2. Clifford says:

    Thank you very much!


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