Well, here it is! The second of the fun (I hope) short films I made illustrating some science ideas. Recall that last month I released “Shine a Light” for your viewing and sharing pleasure, and I promised a second and this is it. (The trailer was out some days ago.) Please read my post of last month for more on what this is all about. Here is some of what I said:

For this [National Science Foundation-supported film] to be a success, your help is needed. It needs to be seen. Tell your family and friends, colleagues and students, local teachers, etc., about it. Forward it on to people you know. Blog it, tweet it, facebook share it, etc. Crucially, remember that it is designed to be not just for people who already know they have an interest in science, but others too, so make no assumptions about who might like it… just please send it. Thanks.

Ok, let’s dim the lights! Run the Projector! Be sure to look out for the Monty Python moment…! (Tip: It is a high video quality, so pause it and let it buffer for a while before watching if you’ve only a moderately fast connection. Also, try the high definition (HD) option if you like, and/or view it in full screen and with the volume turned up. The embed here is small, so you can see it at a more glorious size at the YouTube site by clicking here.

Brought to you by the NSF and USC’s iOpenShell Center. Visit the latter to learn more!

Don’t forget to share it!

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12 Responses to Laser

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  2. Mary Cole says:

    Congratulations Clifford! It works for me as a non-scientist and it’s fun. Thank you!

  3. Nige Cook says:

    Thank you, that’s a very nice explanation.

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  6. Aaron F. says:

    Nice! 🙂

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