Shine a Light

It is Friday, so time for a film release. So, get your popcorn, your ice-cold drink, and find your comfy chair! It has been a long time coming (see related posts listed below), but finally the first of the series of films I’ve been talking about is ready for you!

But before I run the projector, let me say a few words. As I said before, this short film is (I hope) fun, engaging, and informative. I hope lots of people take the time to watch it at least a couple of times. A basic scientific knowledge of the world is for everyone. Science is part of our culture and should be more widely circulated. Films such as this is one of the ways the National Science Foundation, who provided the support to make it, is helping to bring science to everyone. For this (and the other ones in the series) to be a success, your help is needed. It needs to be seen. Tell your family and friends, colleagues and students, local teachers, etc., about it. Forward it on to people you know. Blog it, tweet it, facebook share it, etc. Crucially, remember that it is designed to be not just for people who already know they have an interest in science, but others too, so make no assumptions about who might like it… just please send it. Thanks.

Ok, let’s dim the lights! Run the Projector! (Tip: It is a high video quality, so pause it and let it buffer for a while before watching if you’ve only a moderately fast connection. Also, try the high definition (HD) option if you like, and/or view it in full screen and with the volume turned up. The embed here is small, so you can see it at a more glorious size at the YouTube site by clicking here.)

Brought to you by the NSF and USC’s iOpenShell Center. Visit the latter to learn more!

Don’t forget to share it!

There’ll be another film in the series, Laser, to come later in the Summer…


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22 Responses to Shine a Light

  1. Eduard says:

    Thank you for the film and congratulations with the online premiere! Actually, using actors to schematically illustrate what’s going on at atomic scales is the idea I really like.
    I look forward to seeing the following movie(s)!

  2. Kortney says:

    Wow!! Bravo!!
    Excellent musical score to enhance the dance!
    Wonderfully descriptive, visually stimulating,
    and musically delicious!
    Great work! Look foward to the next in your series.
    Congratulations & Cheers!

  3. Oliver says:

    This is wonderful! I’ll be sure to forward this to some physics teachers I know.

  4. matt says:


    I thought you were great on the Universe series and this just goes to show how talented you truly continue to be.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Nice work — congratulations! I really like the dance schema, so good job there.


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  7. Sara T. says:

    Wonderful! I totally love the DANCE metaphor and theme Clifford.
    Carita’s voice over is excellent.
    Keep on directing!!
    I love a good collision of art and science!
    Will watch again (and again) and probably comment further.

  8. cmj+ says:

    Congratulations – a fine piece of work!

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  11. Mark says:

    Pretty good; but why is the photon still there after it lifts the electron to a higher state?

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  13. Jay says:

    The photon’s just energy, so the electron maintains this higher state as long as it still has the energy, ie, the photon.

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