Colour and Culture

colour_scribblesI spotted* this lovely post from a year ago about colour, culture, and language that I thought I’d share. What does the map of colour and colour names look like as you move from culture to culture. And are there universal aspects to it, or is it pretty random?

I find this a fascinating topic, and so was delighted to see this post, which addresses a lot of the questions. (You’ll find links there to an episode of Radiolab that was on a similar topic. I recommend that too.) Coincidentally, two pages before the part of my notebook where I’m doing a computation right now is a page of splotches of colour I did when experimenting with some watercolour pencils (and Inktense pencils) and a water brush. Thought I’d share that too.

While on the subject of colour (and it is a topic dear to my heart as someone who dabbles in the subject in the context of print, art, and screen (see various sketches and samples of The Project, and film work such as my, ahem, Summer blockbuster movie from last year), I ought to share a hugely amusing post* about colour balance choices in mainstream movies. Join the battle against Teal and Orange!


(*Via Gurney Journey)

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