Peek Over My Shoulder

Been splitting my time between being a physicist and being a filmmaker making a film about physicists. It has been an interesting time. Recall from earlier posts (see e.g. here and here) that I am working on getting a film made for the Aspen Center for Physics in celebration of its 50th Anniversary. I’ve got rather sucked into the process – a lot more than I intended – and so find myself putting together the script that will guide the editor in cutting the film. This means that I’m reviewing acres of footage of interviews and picking out some great quotes from my awesome cast of interviewees. You might recognize some of them (feel free to try to name them, and their field…).

What you’re seeing in the picture is a screenshot of some of the windows I have open so that I can jump back and forth and review segments and see if I like not just the words they say at various points, but also the tone of what they’re saying, and so on and so forth. I’m also writing some voiceover that I hope a friend of mine from the acting world will have time to read for the film. (He’s enthusiastically agreed, but I hope that the timeline all works out to make it happen…)

So I’ve just finished a pass through, and am now trying to resist the temptation to try to roughly cut something together myself to see how it flows! Leave it to the professionals, cvj. Back away from that iMovie program now


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