Speaking of Time…

Just finished a complete redo of a nine (plus one) panel page of the Arena story that was the prototype outing for the graphic novel project. (See some earlier posts, e.g. here, about this redo process.)

I shudder at the horrible drawings on the page it replaced.

To the left are some parts of the new page… Click for a larger view.

In other news, I met our new Dean (of the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences) today, during a short session where a few of us had a conversation with him while someone filmed us. I think it is some film they are doing about the new Dean taking up the reigns, or something similar. He seemed a nice enough fellow, and he seems to be coming with definite ideas for interesting changes… I’m looking forward to seeing how he puts his plans into action. It is nice that he is keen to listen to faculty. Or, at least, that he is happy to be filmed listening to us!

And in other news, the key people concerned like the rough cut of the Aspen Center for Physics Film I told you about. This is good news. I am pleased with it too. There are special touches on the overall look and feel, and the various chapter headings, that I dreamed up in February, and drew some storyboards for, and it is really great to see them come to life on screen (thanks to a great editor/DP, Dave Gaw) almost exactly as I envisioned them. Now I need to find some time to really sit with the whole thing and write a final version with all the input folded in, my own ideas for refinement, and of course the ideas of the project’s co-producer, and editor. Then I have to sit with my voice artist to record the voiceover in a studio on Monday, and so on and so forth…

Almost at an end to all of this. I hope the result is enjoyable and informative for all.


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2 Responses to Speaking of Time…

  1. Dilaton says:

    Yep good one 🙂

    I dont know why this is, but for some reason eating spaghetti always feels like swallowing a black hole … ;-P

  2. Clifford says:


    Suggested dialogue? Probably better than mine…!