The Shooting Party

20120529-112915.jpgI’m at the Aspen Center for Physics for some time this week. It is a big week. You will perhaps recall that I’m involved in making a short film for the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the ACP (see some earlier posts) and now we are doing another batch of shooting. Not just interviews, as we have been doing so far, but much of the other footage we need, such as the lovely grounds, the various physicists using the center, in myriad ways, and so forth. We’ve had a super long day today, which we’ve just finished. We started at 7:30 this morning to go for breakfast and get to the centre early to catch the morning light on the buildings, and to catch the arriving physicists. (I had the idea that we can get some on film riding their Center bikes as they arrive for their day…) We wrapped 12 hours later.

The whole day went very well, with us getting a huge amount of the footage needed, including the traditional volleyball game at the end of Tuesdays. Tomorrow is going to be more relaxed, since we have fewer interviews and less background footage to get. We shall see how it goes…

As usual, it was so nice to be back at the center. It was great to see it with an eye needed to capture its spirit on film, which is interesting…


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6 Responses to The Shooting Party

  1. Amy says:

    I hope you post the final product! I, for one, would love to see it.

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