Scenes from Work

cvj_at_workThe College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences here at USC has built a new website, and gone quite far in including extra media, and links and portals on YouTube, Facebook and so on. One of the things they did was have a filmmaker make lots of videos. Lots. Things about faculty, research, teaching, learning, etc. All very exciting. Have a look, here, if interested. Mira Zimet, who makes the films, gave me a call and asked me if I’d like to contribute, and I agreed. I chatted on and on for about 45 minutes to an hour and she cut two short films out of it. The shorter one is on the site and has me saying some general things about research, teaching, science, and USC. Mira made the second because she thought it might be a nice extra video for the College’s YouTube portal. It has me talking a bit more about what string theory is and does, and about aspects of research in it. Since from time to time people ask me what it is I do, I thought I’d share them below (see also the posts in the Notes from the Day series). Enjoy!


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  1. Nice.

    Hehe, it occurs to me that I may be spending rather a lot of time in the company of physicists when I can recognise them (the physicists) by partial shots of the book spines on their shelves. This amuses me.


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