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cvj_scribbling_boardWell, I’m always a bit embarrassed to point to articles that are about me, especially ones that are decidedly generous – I’m British, remember – but it is specifically about some of the work I do when I’m not doing research, classroom teaching, sitting on committees, and so on and so forth. Things like blogging, and things that might be called “media outreach”. Lots of people ask why I do so much of this sort of thing, and so it is worth pointing to this recent piece by way of a partial answer. (The other part of the answer is to do with the response to and (possible) lasting effects of this sort of work. It is surprising in both quantity and variety, and quite humbling at times, and I’ll tell you about it in another post.) The article, written by Laurie Hartzell (with photo above left by Mara Zimet) for USC College News, goes a little into the reasons. It is partly based on more interview material gathered earlier from those College videos that appeared earlier. It is here. I hope it helps understand a bit, and means that maybe you’ll be a tad less annoyed at me showing up on your TV again talking about some bit of science or other. Or just messing around, having a bit of fun with or near some science…

It’s in a good cause. No, really, it is



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