A Much Shorter Straight Line

LinePlot2 How is the line coming along? It is very kind of you to ask (if indeed you were). Well, there it is to the left. (See the previous post for background.) In the end, I abandoned Maple since it was taking way too long to do each point, and just for the simple example. (When I tried to do one sample point of the complicated example it took 24 hours and I stopped it before it was done!) The point is that Maple does not easily give me the sort of access I need to set up the delicate parts of the problem as carefully as needed, so I decided to teach myself Matlab and rewrite everything in that package. Much more access to the guts of the problem, and much easier diagnostics. Sure enough (after finding an error this morning that was producing a very puzzling set of results), in two minutes I can generate all the 50 points. That’s two minutes instead of two days. Hurrah!

Now I can code up the real example and see what I get. (And yes, one day soon I hope I will explain what the physics is.)


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