Back home in the office/studio working on slides for the TEDYouth talk. Spent altogether too much time on telescopes today. Way too much. I estimate that this finished drawing of telescopes will last on screen about 45 seconds… if I’m lucky. On the other hand, that 45 seconds will in principle be multiplied by many thousands since they’ll be putting the TEDYouth talks online for you to see… so worth getting the colour harmony right perhaps?


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  2. Rob Jaworski says:

    Excellent use of color, I love the use of blue, and I detect a bit of red. Makes me imagine, makes me feel like I’m looking at the dishes on a moonless night, with a minor light dome in the background horizon. The shadows on the dishes are coming from the glow of a bright milky way overhead on a mild summer night. It’s after the star party that was hosted by the research facility as a public outreach event. The crowds are gone and amateur telescopes are all packed up, I’m the last one to lock up the gate. And in fact, the light dome is the rising sun. It was a fun night.

    When you are finished with the illustrations after your TEDYouth talk, I’d like to request the signed original so we can display it in our hall where we host our monthly guest speakers.
    Rob Jaworski

  3. Clifford says:


    You’re very kind! I’ll see what I can do. This was all painted digitally (but ink black lines done by hand) and so it is hard to say what constitutes an original, but I will think about it.


  4. Rob Jaworski says:

    Thanks, no pressure at all, it was just a thought. We appreciate the consideration!

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