TED Youth Talk – Hidden Structures of the Universe

You might recall that last year I gave a talk at TED Youth, in their second year of short TED talks aimed at cvj_TED_Youth younger audiences. You’ll recall (see e.g. here and here) I made a special set of slides for it, composed from hundreds of my drawings to make it all in graphic novel style, and somehow trying to do (in 7 minutes!!) what the TED people wanted. They wanted an explanation of string theory, but when I learned that telescopesI was the only person in the event talking about physics, I kind of insisted that (in a year when we’d discovered the Higgs boson especially!) I talk more broadly about the broader quest to understand what the world is made of, leaving a brief mention of string magnifytheory at the end as one of the possible next steps being worked on. Well, they’ve now edited it all together and made it into one of the lessons on the TED Ed site, and so you can look at it. Show it to friends, young and old, and remember that it is ok if you don’t get everything that is said… it is meant to invite you to find out more on your own. Also, as you see fit, use the pause button, scroll back, etc… to get the most out of the narrative.

I’m reasonably pleased with the outcome, except for one thing. WHY am I rocking back and forth like a crazy person!!?? 🙂

If you like some of the drawings, look here for more on the graphic novel style book I’m working on – starring physics!

You can look at it on the TED Ed site and connect to other “lessons” and so forth, or you can look directly at the YouTube video, embedded below.



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3 Responses to TED Youth Talk – Hidden Structures of the Universe

  1. Amy says:

    Well done — I think I learned a thing or two! And, as usual, the illustrations make it fun. Great work!

  2. Mary Cole says:

    I really enjoyed this! I loved the way your illustrations supported/explained what you were saying. Can’t wait to see your graphic novel!!!

  3. Clifford says:

    Thank you both!