Slow but steady…

…Progress? I hope so. I lost about 7 hours yesterday. Hours that I’d planned for working on the slides for TEDYouth and (mostly) finishing them. There was a weird problem on the computer I use that seemed to seep into Illustrsator as well. Somehow dragging a file to copy or move it somewhere else would not work, and this meant that in Illustrator if you tried to drag an object to a new position, it would fail to complete the operation, generating a copy in the place you moved it to but not erasing the original… It would then freeze. I tested this out in so many different ways to see that it was not damaged objects or files… then eventually decided to reinstall the entire operating system (Lion). Of course, this is no longer a quick task with the move Apple have made to making everything seem like an iPad… all this cloud business. The operating system had to be downloaded from the app store, over wireless… It looked like it would take a while so I moved everything to my office on campus while I did this, since connections are in principle faster… but of course then I had trouble getting the machine to connect to ethernet.. then the fast wireless… eventually got it going… and let it completely recover itself while I worked a bit in the office with limited studio equipment for what I needed to do… It all seems to work again, both operating system and Illustrator (which I did not have to reinstall).

So today sees me with a very early start in the office, and probably a late finish to the day… since I’ve got teaching to prepare and deliver, etc as well… Bah.

Anyway, above is a snap* from one of the pages/slides showing a character working on certain thorny problems…


(*Updated to fix her GIANT arm…!)

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2 Responses to Slow but steady…

  1. Carol&Co says:

    Reminds me of what happened to my computer in December 2010 – I remember the relief seeing Matrix staring at me again from the main screen, thanks again!

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