Somewhere in there, somehow, I am keeping my head above water…just. But then I decide on something equivalent to tying extra weight to my ankles. Last week, while deciding on what I would talk about in the short time I have, I decided to do the whole TEDYouth talk graphic novel style of course… Which means hundreds of drawings… Why do I do this to myself? (I can recycle some of this for The Project, I suppose…) So I sat in the sun on Saturday afternoon down at the new Grand Park downtown (check out the water fountain with its attractive large flowing areas you can walk on) and designed the slides… And the scheme for making them. In fact, the workflow I use is so nice, allowing me to do almost everything in Illustrator before going to Keynote, I don’t think I’m ever going back to doing slides in Keynote the old way again…!

Top left is a panel from the prototype slide I developed. I’ve sent the TED people this slide to see if they are happy with me doing things in this style. Better to ask now before I spend several days I don’t have working on more of them…!

What’s that you ask? What has this got to do with string theory or the Higgs particle? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see… All in good time…


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