I find myself on the East Coast for the first of two trips over here in two weeks. Next week I return to be in New York for the TEDYouth event (which I am still making slides for when I find some time here and there between the tasks I’m doing for this trip). This week’s trip means I’m missing two of my electromagnetism graduate classes, which I feel bad about because it is such an enjoyable group to teach*.

I must say that it is nice to get to wear serious outerwear for the first time in a while. I know – this is a particularly unoriginal thing you hear from a lot of us softies from the SouthWestern part of the US, and I apologize for saying it, but it is true! It is sometimes sad to see a nice heavy coat sit unused in a closet for a year or more, and there’s also a nice grounded feeling of battling the elements that one sometimes misses.

Anyway, I will shut up about that now and move on… I took the opportunity to get a bit of sketching done while waiting at gates and sitting on the subway on the way to my hotel. Included is a grouped together set of faces (snapped with my camera, so a poor scan) that I quickly grabbed.


(*Thanks to my collaborator Tameem for teaching those two classes for me!)

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2 Responses to Travels

  1. AnonymousSnowboarder says:

    The weather is supposed to be a bit random and generally cooler but not too much this week. There is also a 50% chance of power over Long Island, NJ and parts of Westchester. Don’t leave the flash light at home.

  2. Clifford says:

    Good Advice!