The Universe: Season 4

the_universeI learned* a short while ago that the fourth season of The Universe on the History Channel starts tonight! As you may have read from a number of posts of mine over the last couple of months (see e.g. here, here and here), there’s been a lot of filming for this new cluster of episodes. I actually thought it was all going to start airing in the Fall, so this is a surprise to me.

There are some fun topics coming up in this season. There’ll be plenty of interesting things to learn, with contributions from a variety of interesting scientists telling you about very new research results as well as the classic material (one of the reasons I like the series). Incidentally, I contribute to several episodes, but I’ve no idea if I’m in this season opener**, which is rather tantalizingly (and perhaps a tad over-sensationally? 🙂 ) called “Death Stars”. It is at 9:00pm ET/PT but will no doubt be repeated during the week and possibly next Tuesday before the next new one. Best to check their site for details.

Enjoy the new Season!


*Thanks Amy!
**[Update: Oh, how about that… Seems I was. I’d forgotten this part of the shoot we did. I was talking about neutron star binaries and briefly about wandering stars…All good fun!]

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