Some Things That Keep Me Busy

Well, it has been a busy few days. Since Sunday’s activities I’ve been up to my ears in various things. Interesting things, I’m happy to say, and only a few annoying things. Besides getting back on track with life in LA, I’ve been working (with a student collaborator) on various very interesting physics projects that I hope to find time to tell you about soon, involving various applications of string theory of the sort I mentioned in an earlier post.

I’ve also been working on the two films I’m making. They’re now in final iterations of editing, and in addition to working on the iterations writing notes with directions for my editor, I’ve been making some extra bits of special footage for one of them. I hope it won’t be too long now before I call them finished.

On top of that business, I’ve been communicating with several filmmakers about ideas and material for the History Channel show The Universe. (I’ve told you about work on previous episodes in the Tales From the Industry series.) Preparations for Season four are underway, and Thursday and Friday will mostly be occupy me with location work for that. I’ll be contributing to footage for three different episodes those two days, and (without revealing any surprises about the content) locations will vary from a garbage/recyling dump to… well, suffice to say I’m going to be doing a sport I have not done a jot of for about 14 years, and to camera, so plenty of scope for embarrassing myself, big time!

Perhaps I’ll report a bit on some of the shooting later on.

And now, for no good reason at 9:00pm, I feel in the mood for a cupcake or two*, and so I’m off to make a dozen. I think I’ll make some lemon ones. Hot tasty treats in half an hour!


*I blame my sister cmj for this.

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