Heat Exhaustion…

Well, that was a hugely tiring day indeed. I’ve just returned from a full day of shooting for an episode of the the leffeHistory Channel’s The Universe, and all I can do is collapse on the sofa for a long while.

I’ve grabbed the essentials (a nice cold Leffe, some tasty corn chips, a cup of tea – I made it before I got the Leffe idea – , some books I’m reading, etc) to have within easy reach so that I need not get up for a while. I simply don’t want to.

It was tiring mostly because it was so terribly hot for most of it. The first half of the shoot was in the Malibu State Park. We filmed under some trees for a few hours, from 10:00am, with the heat steadily rising seemingly without end. That part was fine, but then we filmed a demonstration (my idea, so my fault ultimately) which needed the flat firm ground of the tarmac of the parking lot, and to get the light balance right, of course there were reflectors placed on either side of me to train even more sun onto me from the sides. So I was being cooked for a while as I pretended to be unperturbed and unhurried in my demonstrations (of a type II supernova – I’ll leave you to guess what that involves!).

An hour late (and now beyond 95 degrees F outside), we stopped off for a quick lunch before dashing back to the highway to return to the Burbank recycling center to film some more work (yes, we’re redoing some of the filming we did a couple of weeks ago). I was in a daze from the heat and the immediate after-lunch wooziness that occurs at the best of times, but managed to hold it together and get there ok. There again, it was hot, stuffy, and with the delightful smell and dust of the recycling center at full volume while we filmed. Happily, that part did not take too long (maybe a couple of hours for me to say essentially three paragraphs of stuff from three different vantage points – if you watch the show when it airs you’ll see what we’re trying to illustrate with that location -) and then I was able to say goodbye to all and head off home. Exhausted.

And so here I am. Collapsed on the sofa. Time to recuperate, have a slow night while doing it (although the idea of going out to a movie in a nice air-conditioned splendid Arclight theatre is attractive, while the short journey there isn’t), and then get back to physics tomorrow.


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