Mathematics and Strings

Not long after I told you about the TASI school and the excellent online lecture resource they were rapidly building, I heard* about a school in Utah that might be of interest, especially if you’re interested in the fruitful interface between mathematics and string theory. The title: “Derived Categories”, and it ran for two weeks with lectures on mathematical aspects and stringy aspects. The main reason I’m telling you is because it also has video and slides (it seems to be being updated as I type), and so you can use it to learn about some of those topics. Link here.



(*Thanks, Eric!)

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4 Responses to Mathematics and Strings

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hi Clifford,

    There’s now a site where people can link to, review and rate scientific videos online. This is a great step as there are so many wonderful lectures online but currently they’re spread all over the web and it’s always hard to tell the quality and level that a lecture is going to be. Currently there are only a few string theory lectures on the site but it’s simply a matter of people taking a few minutes out to post up a link and make a few comments before we’ve got a decent database on our hands.

    The site is Scitalks and my personal message to get people posting is here. I really hope that people can take advantage of this resource and get posting!

  2. Clifford says:

    Funny coincidence… a friend and colleague emailed me about that very site just a few hours ago.



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