Repaired and Ready!

Well, I did what I said I’d try in the previous post. And it worked! I had a great time viewing the conjunction. I hope you did too if you found a moment and clear skies My photography was hampered by either poor stabilisation of the camera or a misalignment of the telescope (due to the fall?) so my photos were not very good. I will do some daytime experiments and then try again this evening. The fact is that if you missed it last night it will probably be just as good again tonight, and for some nights to comes, just as is it was on the nights leading up to the closest approach. Just because it is not in the news any more does not mean it is not still spectacular!


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2 Responses to Repaired and Ready!

  1. Clifford says:

    It is a 6 inch reflector by Celestron. The precise model number escapes me now, but the 6in part is the most relevant datum. Cheers.


  2. Luke Danes says:

    Just curious, what model telescope is that?

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