WSJ Piece On Science and Entertainment

wall_street_journal_snapIt’s nice to be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning when my mum is visiting me. But where does one go to actually buy a newspaper?!

The nice piece, by Erich Schwartzel, is about the work the Science and Entertainment exchange, working with scientists like myself does in the entertainment industry. It opens by reporting on a conversation I was having at that Back to the Future event with two screenwriters about an idea they needed for their movie. The bit about black holes seems to have stuck, but in fact I spoke lot of more about various other subtle ideas to them for their disaster scenario, involving cosmology and the universe as a metastable state, expanding bubbles in false vacuum, and so on… scribbling diagrams on bits of paper and so forth.


(Look out for more science+media/entertainment posts coming up soon, by the way.)


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