The New Improved Scooby-Gang? (Part 1)

This is a group shot from an excellent event I mentioned on here only briefly:


(Click for larger view. Photo from album linked below.) It was on Back to the Future Day… the date (October 21st 2015) that Marty McFly came forward in time to in the second of the BTTF movies… where we found hover boards and so forth, if you recall. The Science and Entertainment Exchange hosted a packed event at the Great Company (in downtown LA) which had several wonderful things and people, including some of the props from the films, the designer of lots of the props from the films, a ballroom done up like the high school prom of the first film, the actor who played George McFly (in the second two films), an actual DeLorean, and so much more. Oh! Also four experts who talked a bit about aspects of the science and other technical matters in the movies, such as hover boards, drones, web security… and of course, time travel. I did that last bit, and my talk was a 15 minute series of recipes for how to actually make a time machine.

It was fun! That’s us (me far left, wearing my coat that looks a bit like a blue lab coat (I was being ironic), and Parisa Tabriz, Romeo Durscher and Spiros Michalakis far right) and some of the event organisers standing next to the DeLorean before the event began. They have a whole photo album here.


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