The New Improved Scooby-Gang? (Part 2)

usc_dornsife_frontline_scholars_medium(Click for larger view.) The answer’s still no, but I still amuse myself with the joke. (Alternative forms would have been “The New Expendables Poster?” or “Sneak peek at the Post-Infinity Wars Avengers Lineup?”…) This is a photo that I was thinking would not make it out to the wider world, but that’s probably because I was not paying attention. We spent a lot of time on that rooftop getting that right – no it was not photoshopped, the city is right behind us there – as part of the “Frontline Scholars” campaign for USC’s Dornsife College of Letters Arts and Sciences… and then the next thing I heard from our Dean (pictured three from the right) is that he is now our ex-Dean. So I figured the campaign they were planning would not feature him anymore, and hence this picture would not be used. But I think the photo was actually in use for the campaign for a while and I did not know since I don’t actually pay attention to these things*. I stumbled on it in the recent addition of the Dornsife magazine I was sent, and then after a bit of searching found the full brochure here, which you are welcome to read if it is of interest.

Also appearing in that issue of the magazine is a piece by Darrin Joy which uses parts of an interview he did with me about string theory one Summer day in downtown LA (the part of the city behind us in the photo above, incidentally).


(*I’ll probably get in trouble for screen-grabbing it, but I am mentioning their campaign, so…)

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