Tales from the Industry XXXXI – Puppet Black Hole

Yeah. Not sure how to best title this post or fully explain the picture [edit: Picture taken down temporarily until the show is ready to be promoted*]. Let’s just say that I spent a bit of this afternoon explaining some of the science of the Large Hadron Collider to a puppet character that was determined to not believe whatever I told him/it. It was fun, and was done to camera at some TV studios downtown. (I was actually speaking about things that intersect with the subject of yesterday’s post, if you’re interested.) It is for a new show on a channel that I can’t mention yet*, and I’ll let you know as soon as I know what the air date is, etc.

Well, one more thing, in support of the old “It’s a small world after all” saying. While there I heard that this morning they were shooting a fun segment that was hosted by my friend Hal Rudnick, the host of Screen Junkies! (Have a look at some of the science-meets-movies things we’ve done together here, here and here.) Unfortunately, as I was only on in the afternoon, I did not get to see what they were up to and will simply wait for the show to air like everyone else.

It looks like it’ll be a fun and entertaining way of presenting some interesting science – a whole new series of it! – so keep an eye out for it. (I’ll give you details later.)


P.S. For unrelated work of mine with puppets, see here.

*This post was modified to remove the picture, and name of the channel and show until the producers are ready to promote the new show. I’ll put the photo back up later.

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