Screen Junkies Chat: Guardians of the Galaxy

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.13.03 PMYou may recall that back in June I had a chat with Hal Rudnick over at Screen Junkies about science and time travel in various movies (including the recent “X-Men: Days of Future Past”). It was a lot of fun, and people seemed to like it a lot. Well, some good news: On Tuesday we recorded (along with my Biophysicist colleague Moh El-Naggar) another chat for Screen Junkies, this time talking a bit about the fun movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”! Again, a lot of fun was had… I wish you could hear all of the science (and more) that we went into, but rest assured that they* did a great job of capturing some of it in this eight-minute episode. Have a look. (Embed below the more-click):


*Great work Dan Murrell!

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7 Responses to Screen Junkies Chat: Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. Moh says:

    Man, that was fun!

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    Brilliant! The little man loved it as well. Realised that we all use our hands!

  3. ktahn says:

    Applause !

  4. Nick says:

    Awesome episode! Love to see more of this in the future…

  5. Angela says:

    You truly do break the stereotypical mould of a professor.
    Refreshingly funny.

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