Consulting for a Cat…

love_me_cat_stillEver wonder what it is like to science consult for the entertainment industry? Read on. You may recall me mentioning in passing that I had an interesting time a while back on a sofa being interviewed by a cat, an owl, and a robot. Possibly you missed that remark, or tried to forget it!!! Well, the interview is now online, and you can enjoy it at your convenience. Embed below. The entirely spontaneous piece ended up being a humorous conversation that closely resembles a lot of serious conversations I’ve had with people trying to creatively mix science and a dramatic story (and in some depressing cases, documentary…) I try to help where I can, if I get the call in time! (Actually, to be fair, sometimes even the most bizarre creative free flow can end up being useful!)

The show is called Love Me Cat, and was created by Eric Kaplan, who does the voice of the cat, in collaboration with My Damn Channel. You’ll certainly know Eric’s work from things like Futurama and Big Bang Theory, for starters. I had a lot of fun on the show, and it was great to meet Eric, and all the various people involved… I was in and out really quickly and pretty much just arrived, sat on the sofa after being miked up, and tried to keep up with the flow of whatever was thrown at me. Then it was over all of a sudden and I was back outside and heading off into the sunset. The result is a lot of fun! (I LOVE the sheep!)

One of the ironies of the whole thing for me is that it turned out to be (entirely coincidentally) filmed in the very same studio I was in a few months earlier filming segments for the new show Big History I mentioned earlier, and even earlier in the year, the show Space Weather. Is this studio some sort of fixed point or nexus for my existence this year? Did I build a time machine and hide it there some time in the future/past and am doomed to keep returning there to try to fix things in time loop I created? Perhaps time will help reveal all… or, actually, perhaps not.

Here’s the interview:


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