Excellent Witten Interview!

ooguri_witten_kavli_ipmuI just learned of an excellent interview with Edward Witten, one or our field’s grandmasters, or rather: the grandmasters’ grandmaster. I strongly recommend reading it. (This is for technically equipped people working in the field, most likely – I believe that it is not intended for the general public, although you are welcome to read it too!)

There’s a lot of discussion (of among other things like his current work) of that golden period during the 1990s that I had the privilege to work in during my postdoc years (some of them under the guidance of Witten) that remain one of the most exciting research eras in the field in recent memory. (I’m pleased to know from the interview that Ed thinks so too!) Hirosi Ooguri is the interviewer (it also has contributions to the discussion, panel-style, from Yukinobu Toda and Masahito Yamazaki), and he does a fantastic job!

The interview appears in the notices of the AMS, and is in pdf format here. (The Kavli IPMU photo of Ooguri and Witten above is a screenshot from that source, used solely to encourage you to read it.)



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  1. Thomas says:

    Excellent interview! if there is a video that will be extremely helpful.