Black Hole Slides!


Since people were asking for copies of my slides from my colloquium chalkboard-style talk on black holes and the things I call “holographic heat engines” last month at Harvey Mudd College, I decided to export them as a movie. You can find it on YouTube. Link below. It was a 50 minute talk, but all the builds are compressed down to a 6 minute file! I try to keep the bulk of the narrative in my head and speak it with the slides as visual aids (instead of writing everything on the slides as is often the practice) and so I do not know how much you will get without my words if you were not there, or do not know the subject. But some aspects might be useful. – I decided not to try to add a sound track of me discussing the ideas. It might be a bit boring, and in any case, if you want to hear me talk about this stuff in detail, just get in touch to schedule something.

A number of students were asking for references to further reading and they are on the slides, and also (some) of them are in the info part of the film’s page on YouTube. I hope they are useful. (I recommend clicking on full screen to enlarge for viewing…)


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