Celestial Card Games

celestial_cardsI did not get to read the instructions about the games, but pictured are some cards (apparently from about 1830) for a game set. They have images of stars and planets on them, including one planet called Herschel. This is of course the planet to later be called Uranus. It took a while for the planet’s name to be agreed upon.

These are some of the objects from the Doheny Libary’s collection that will be on display in the Collecting the Cosmos exhibition that will open today. Remember there is a panel discussion at 4:00pm followed by an opening reception. I’ll show some other things during my talk too.


*Thanks Tyson Gaskill (hands pictures) for showing me some of the collection before they were installed into the exhibit.

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6 Responses to Celestial Card Games

  1. Tyson Gaskill says:

    Yes! More fun stuff will be on display today! (Now if we can just get the darn projector installation working . . .)