Collecting the Cosmos

i_2014_01_24_CollectCosmos_150x200Don’t forget that on the USC campus on Friday at 4:00pm, we’ll be kicking off the Collecting the Cosmos event! It will be in the Doheny library, and there’ll be a presentation and discussion first, and then a special opening reception for the exhibition. Be sure to get yourself on the waiting list since there’s some chance that you’ll get in even if you have not RSVPed yet. (The image is from the Visions and Voices event site, and includes parts of the artworks – by artists Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada – to be included in the exhibition, so come along and see.) The event description says, in part:

It’s not every day that you hunt for planets inside a library. Dramatizing NASA’s search for planets outside our solar system, Dan Goods’ art installation Hidden Lightsimulates the process by which astronomers look for Earth-like objects throughout the galaxy by spotting the dimming of a star’s light as a planet crosses in front of it. Explore the intersections of scientific knowledge and artistic innovation with Goods of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and David Delgadi, also of JPL, as well as USC professors Clifford Johnson (Physics and Astronomy) and Holly Willis (Institute for Multimedia Literacy).

Whether you make it to the opening reception event or not, do be sure to go back to Doheny library to check out the exhibition. I’ll be part of the conversation in the opening event at 4:00pm, and I hope we have a great discussion. We’ll be opening it up to audience participation, so come along and get involved. More here.

Now I’d better hide away and put together some opening slides.


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