Time Travel a Click Away

cvj_with_wormholeI just noticed that last week’s episode of The Universe on Time Travel, which I told you about here and here, is available online on their website. Click here to learn more about the ins and outs of it, and I show you how to make one too! Kind of.

It is a difficult subject to explain, and one that must be tempting to over-sensationalize. The writer/director, Darryl Rehr, navigates all this very well and makes a really good, clear and enjoyable episode out of it, I’d say.



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7 Responses to Time Travel a Click Away

  1. Jude says:

    I am (ironically) a little short on time tonight, so I started watching the episode wishing you’d told us at what point you appear in the program, but as it turns out that isn’t necessary. There you are, less than 2 minutes in.

  2. Clifford says:

    Hi! It is nice that you looked. Thanks. It seems I’m all over the episode, but do keep in mind that the point of watching it is that it’s all about the science, and certainly not me!



  3. Marco says:

    From Switzerland: ‘The content you are trying to access is not available in your area.’ Too bad. Is there any shortcut/trick? Thanks.

  4. Clifford says:

    Sorry… I imagine it will air over there in the normal broadcast way some time soon. History channel or someone that buys it from them.

    Or, sooner or later one enthusiast or another usually puts things like this on YouTube, so keep an eye out for it in upcoming weeks…



  5. Jonelle Mckoy says:

    I’ve always been excited about this subject matter.

  6. Plato says:

    Hi Clifford,

    This too is a subject close to my heart.

    The third link to The Universe Time Travel does not seem to be working.

    Having a hard time pining it down in their archives.


  7. Kortney says:

    Very interesting to say the least…So sorry I missed the show but will watch for the replaying of it, if I can’t find it in the archives.

    Curious to see if you start out clean shaven then travel back or forth in time to a place of scruffyness (as it seems noted in the above photo 🙂 Just an observation of curiousity…
    Cute scruffyness seems appropriate for a physics dr/professor,
    (Albert left us very inspired 🙂

    Ciao and happy travelling!