Peer Review Reactions

hitler_peer_reviewAh yes. I’ll admit it: Except for the moustache and a few other details, the scene is eerily familiar… 😉 (The embed for the video is below.)

Does anyone know who originally started this brilliant series? For those who don’t know it is a 4 minute clip from the 2004 film Der Undergang that several people have periodically re-subtitled with words that have Hitler reacting to an event of some sort. (Warning: Many of them are full of language some might find a bit strong, so watch out!!)

Here it is*:

This one about peer review is my favourite by far, but I recall other ones I liked a lot such as the the brilliant reaction to Usain Bolt’s Olympic performance. There was also of course the reaction to the death of Michael Jackson, which was less good, but still funny. And there was the reaction to Kanye West’s silliness at the MTV awards (an event I never saw, but even though I have no idea who Taylor Swift is, it is still sort of funny.)

I imagine you have a favourite or two you’d like to share?

[Update: Wired article by Jenna Wortham on the phenomenon here. From what I can see it seems that they don’t stay up on YouTube for very long due to the copyright issue on the film itself. So I imagine sometime from now those links I gave above will be dead.]


*Thanks, Samantha B.

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2 Responses to Peer Review Reactions

  1. Samantha says:

    The thing that just killed me was that it ALWAYS is reviewer #3. Is this some sort of in-joke among the journal staff?

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