Dawkins, Atwood and More – On Darwin!

As you may know I’m a Margaret Atwood fan (read my immoderately breathless account here), and I also think that Richard Dawkins is an excellent scientist and science communicator. On the other hand, as you also know from earlier discussions, I don’t think that his take-no-prisoners approach to the science and religion discussion is the best way forward. Anyway, I found this marvelous Newsnight special from last month. A celebration of Darwin and his work. It has lots of discussion about Darwin then and now, cultural and scientific impact, the ongoing debates, a new staging of a play, a recent film, and participating is Atwood, Dawkins, and the Rev. Richard Coles and the poet Ruth Padel (who is also a descendant of Darwin.) It is in four parts and you can find the other three parts from links near part one. I particularly like when Dawkins and Atwood face each other on the particular issue I’ve talked about here before (e.g. here and here) in part 3. Excellent stuff.



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2 Responses to Dawkins, Atwood and More – On Darwin!

  1. Jorge Pullin says:

    Off topic trivia: you were on Uruguayan TV last night! (History Channel in Spanish).


  2. Clifford says:

    No, really!!!?? Wow! I’ve never been on Uraguayan TV before, as far as I know. I hope it was one of the good episodes!

    Thanks for letting me know…!