Margaret Atwood

I’m not normally a giddy fan of anyone, but I’m super-excited! Margaret Atwood is talking at UCLA on Friday about her new book (The Year of the Flood, sequel – kind of – to the excellent Oryx and Crake) and I managed to snag a ticket online to see her. (There’ll be readings from the book and also some illustrative performances/enactments by actors and musicians.) I was scalped 25% on the ticket price in “service charges” by ticketmaster, which left a bad taste in my mouth, but then I remembered her voice and wit and humour and it somehow made it all ok.

If you’ve not read any of her work, perhaps begin with The Handmaid’s Tale and go from there. I love her brilliant writing style, wit, cleverness, humour and searing intelligence and the best thing is that she’s just like that to listen to as well. Hunt online for audio of her being interviewed. She’s always so interesting to listen to, and a bonus for me is (I’ll admit) that I am utterly seduced by her voice. It is quite pathetic of me, I’ll be the first to say, but it’s entirely enthralling. If she’s on the radio I am powerless to do anything else but listen. Can’t turn it off. Will shush any other noises of voices that might interrupt. Reading her work is a bit like that too. Yes, she’s one of my favourite writers by far…


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