News From The Front, I

[Note: Originally posted on CV on 3rd October 2005. 65 comments on it here.
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Below is a snapshot of a computation I was working on earlier this Summer. Will explain later. Spoke about it at the Southern California Strings Seminar.

I’m curious about what a physicist’s scribblings look like to others, regardless of field (science or non-science). So, non-specialists: What does this all look like, to you? What impressions do you get, if any? Do tell.

There’s no wrong answer here.

aspen black board


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7 Responses to News From The Front, I

  1. robert says:

    An intriguing conflation of witten’s dog (vide the 17/06 post) and what, at first sight, appears to be sixth form algebra. The latter is doubtless a consequence of some unspecified and powerful notation that captures something rather more profound.

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  4. kim says:

    x plus lamda to the minus half, looks like youre applying binomial theorem there.

    looks like pictures of bits of plumbing pipes.

    can you explain the meaning of what is on the blackboard?

  5. Ryan says:

    I am actually a conceptual artist and cultural theorist, as of late i have turned most of my attention to “language” by drawing diagrams that touch on Lacan and Derrida’s language usage to describe the un-sayable and spaces where language fails. Futility is the point, maybe even an entire lack of semantic tools to relate subjects to subject to sub/obj relationships…singularities and the impossibility of articulated desire. this diagram of yours in concept and rendering is highly poetic and can even substitute or double “I can’t say it.” it is beautiful and evocative in the way a “grey gesture” can be. “Is the hand extended an invitation or an act of predation? a caress or a slap? for this question is the thing that binds us together.” I find great curiosity and childlike wonder in it as if the impossibility is the point and the poetics or affect are the ISA or even a codified and intimate replacement gesture of the highest sincerity. It is beautiful.