Find Your Fair…

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county_fair_panels_shareThis might be one of my favourite sequences from the book so far*. It’s a significant part of a page so I’ve watermarked it heavily. Sorry about that: It’s days of work to make these things. It is based on a location scouting trip I did last year around this time at the LA County Fair. So consider this a public service announcement if you’ve not yet done a Summer visit this year to a county fair near you… Go! They’re an excellent old-school kind of fun.

There’s a whole sequence in the book that involves such a visit and I’ve just finished doing all the final art for it (well, almost… there’s a couple of big spread pages that involves painting lots of details on carousels and, yes, there’s crowd scenes… you know my thoughts on those). I can’t wait to show it to you, but it really must wait until it comes out on bookshelves next year. Yes, this connects to things I shared in this post and this post.


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14 Responses to Find Your Fair…

  1. Mark Peifer says:

    For me, its not a fair without mini-donuts