Some Action

sample_sketch_dialogues_30_08_2016I think that the Apple Pencil is one of the best things the company has produced in a very long time. It’s good for both writing and sketching, and so is especially useful in all aspects of my work. I got one back in the Spring when the regular-sized iPad pro came out and it has been a joy to work with. I thought I’d share with you a video stroke by stroke logging of a quick sketch I did with it this morning on the subway on the way to work. The sketch itself is above and the video showing how I made it is embedded below. Yes, it’s another version of the people you saw here.

This is typically how I produce some of the rough work for the book, by the way. (I still also use good old fashioned pen and paper too.) Since some of you have asked, the answer to whether I do the art for the whole book on an iPad is most definitely no. Most of the finish work is done on a desktop with much more powerful software. The iPad is great for rough work, and for adding in things that are part of a larger drawing (for example, I tend to leave shadows for subway trips or lunch breaks away from the desk). The program I use on the iPad is Procreate, which is a marvel.



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