A Big Reveal…


Alert: Agent Carter season 2 is currently airing. I talk about last week’s episode three in this post. You’ve been warned.

While I’ve been very pleased with the volume of scientific tidbits the Agent Carter writers have allowed me to sprinkle into the show (perfect fluids, Compton wavelength, an accretion disc around a spacetime rift… and you can see two of my boards, including bits of the Thomas-Fermi model**) – and there are many more to come! – the really great science reveal came this last episode, #3, (spoilers!): The Hollywood femme fatale actress character turns out to be secretly a scientist and inventor. She’s a great mind hiding in plain sight, as Peggy observes, and it makes sense that she’d see that since she spent the whole of last season being underestimated as a woman SSR agent. I really like this theme that the writers are exploring, and it is set to unfold in several interesting ways… Stay tuned.


**(Ep 3. Spoiler:) The science behind having the Thomas-Fermi model there? (Last time I mentioned the model I could not reveal why I was thinking about it!) As you now know from episode 3, scientists Jason Wilkes and Howard Stark (although that’s Jarvis in the picture below) are trying to figure out what happened to Wilkes after an incident. He has become intangible. Ordinary matter passes through him… James-DArcy-as-Edwin-Jarvis-in-Agent-Carter-S2A scientist from the 1940s is of course going to try to play around with period-appropriate quantum-mechanical models of the structure and stability of matter. The Thomas-Fermi model (and some later refinements by other scientists such as Dirac) is one such model. So I thought it would be great to have that on the board. I’m tired of TV shows and movies always having just E=mc^2, Schrodinger’s equation, and F=ma on blackboards, aren’t you?

(Photos are from the studio’s regular release of stills from aired episodes, in case you’re wondering.)

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