The New Space…

office_drawing_final copyI forgot to mention that (after a lot of delays and internal administrative nonsense that I will spare you the details of) I was finally able to move into my new office, toward the end of November, only several months after the move was first put into motion. In the first week of the holiday period I was able to do some unpacking of some of the books (etc) and setting up various things (like my kettle and coffee pot) essential for the kind of working space I want it to be. It’ll be an interesting space, from some points of view… perhaps unusually combining production of objects and ideas from both the science and the art worlds, and lots in between. As you know, I have several projects that involve both, and they’ll come together in this space.

I updated the drawing (click for larger view) to include some adjustments I made to the layout* (see a previous post about the process and the why)… It’s actually far more useful for showing you the space than a photograph is, since in the digital space I can render intervening walls transparent at the click of a button. Also, I can fly.

An extra nice feature of the office for working late at nights (I’ve tested this a number of times now) is that it is even closer to the subway/metro station (not shown) than my previous one, and so I can finish up and pop over to get my train home very quickly, as the station is about five minutes walk away (if you discount the fact that my new building boasts the world’s slowest elevator). It seems odd for me to mention that, I know, but somehow it adds to the charm of the office…perhaps it is the Bleak Midwinter weather that’s on my mind? 😉

Anyway, now that 2016 and the new semester are here, I hope to get into a really good groove in the new space, as I have a ton of projects on which I need to move forward.

Happy New Year, by the way!


*I was lucky to find the 3D renderings of the task chairs, drawing table, and armchair in the Sketchup warehouse, so I did not have to build them from scratch.

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