office_musings_2 Just thought I’d share with you a snapshot (click for larger view) of my thinking process concerning my office move. I’ve been in the same tiny box of an office for 12 years, and quite happy too. For various reasons (mostly to do with one large window with lots of light), over the years I’ve turned down offers to move to nicer digs… but recently I’ve decided to make a change (giving up some of the light) and so after much to-ing and fro-ing, it seems that we’ve settled on where I’m going to go.

Part of the process involved me walking over there (it’s an old lab space from several decades ago, hence the sink, which I want to stay) with a tape measure one day and making some notes in my notebook about the basic dimensions of some of the key things, including some of the existing infrastructure, and of course windows and doors. I also measured some of the key objects in my current office space that I’ll be moving over. Then I built them all in 3D, and now I can try out different arrangements of the key elements (desk, bookcases, shelves, and the all-important boards we theoreticians use to write equations on) to see how the place might work best, and what I want to get rid of (like those cabinets marked in red for removal).

Might seem a bit like overkill, but an hour or so spent building it all 3D will save hours of time and also lots of physical effort down the line. It’s far easier to move things around inside my computer than in the real world, so I can plan things out nicely and not have things end up in the wrong place. I can also wonder about what other bits of furniture I might want to put into the office, and try them out before making a decision. I’ll try to remember to update you when I’ve settled on an arrangement and put in some more items, tiled the floor, etc.

Interesting times…


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16 Responses to Rearrangements

  1. Anonymous Snowboarder says:

    C – Have you considered how the lighting will be from the window(s) through the day and seasons? Reflections, glare, etc.

  2. Clifford says:

    Hi… yes I have. Light is important to me. Unfortunately, glare is not a problem in this case. The windows are such that they cannot admit any direct sunlight at all. Great natural light is one thing I am giving up in moving to this space. You win some you lose some.


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