Ship Building

agent_carter_team_cvj_aug_2015Last week it was a pleasure to have another meeting with writers, producers, VFX people, etc., from the excellent show Agent Carter! (Photo -click for larger view- used with permission.) I’ve been exchanging ideas about some science concepts and designs that they’re using as springboards for their story-telling and world-building for the show. I can tell you absolutely nothing except that I’m confident that season 2 is going to be really great!

(Season 1, if you’ve not already seen it, is also great. Go get it on your favourite on-demand platform – I rapidly watched all eight episodes back in June to get up to speed so that I could be as useful as possible, and it was a pleasure. It is smart, funny, fresh and ground-breaking, and has a perfect dusting of a period feel that adds an extra charm to it. And did I say it was smart? It’s smart.)

Why the title choice for this post? Well, this is the refreshingly positive opposite of the (too late) “fact-checker” type work I mentioned in an earlier post using a ship-building analogy, entitled “Ships and Knobs”.


P.S. Thanks to the Science and Entertainment Exchange for the initial contact on this.

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