Making and Baking….

Back in LA, I had an amusing day the other day going from this* in the TV studio…
photo_laser_mirage_shoot_small involving a laser and liquid nitrogen (so, around -320 F, if you must use those units), to this in the kitchen:
tasty_things_1 involving butter, flour, water and shortening… (and once in the oven, around +350 F) which ultimately resulted in this:
(… my collaborator, aef, prepped the tasty filling while I made the pastry.)

tasty_things_3Actually, since there were some sorry-looking peaches in the fruit bowl, and the oven was already hot, I made an emergency extra bit of pastry, found some frozen berries in the freezer, and Hey Presto! that evening’s dessert resulted, from almost no extra effort. See right photo, which can be clicked for extra deliciousness.

In case you are wondering, the shoot was for more of the episode that was shot in June on the solstice. It is all about various atmosphere+light phenomena we see here on earth when looking around us, and one of the things we wanted to talk about more was how a superior mirage works. Those are the ones that make people see distant things (like entire cities) that should be out of view over the horizon… It is all due (like many apparently strange things) to some simple physics.

The quiche and pie were for eating. No mystery there.


*Photo courtesy Andrea Anderson – Thanks!

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5 Responses to Making and Baking….

  1. Amy says:

    I sincerely hope The Future™ brings scratch-and-sniff blog posts, for times like this.

  2. ktahn says:

    I love quiche, and yes the suppressed branes are now turned on too 🙂 good deal! Solid Theoretical Research In Natural Geometric Structures

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