Secrets of the Earth

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 1.17.23 PMMy guess is that most of you don’t know that you can find original science programming on the Weather Channel. (Just like, say, 8 years ago most of you would not have been tuning to the History Channel for original science programming about how the Universe works, but many of you know better – (and thanks for watching The Universe!)) Well, this week one of the series that they have that does do some science, Secrets of the Earth, comes back for a new season.

I made some contributions to several of the episodes, and I think I appear in at least two of them as a guest. So look at the whole season for some tasty bits of science about the world around you, and if inclined to, do look out for me doing fun things with sunlight and a prism in the episode “Strange Skies” (also, with dry ice and laser – see here and here), and maybe (I can’t recall which episodes I did things for) a thing or two in “It Fell from Space”* and in “Birth and Death of Earth”.



*Which I prefer to call “It Fell from Spaaaaaaace!!!”

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