Sunday Fruit

sunday_fruit_10_Nov_2013_smallSunday saw me spend a bit of relaxing time in the morning at a breakfast bar sketching a colourful pan of tomatoes, apples, and a yellow pepper. I spend ten minutes doing a quick pen and ink outline sketch of all the elements, which was fun and pleasingly simple enough.

But then I decided to lay on some colour and so pulled the sketch into Brushes on the iPad and started layering in some colour. Another 15 minutes, I thought… but in the end I fiddled for quite some time before I decided it was time to stop. Was a fun exercise… See here for an all-iPad sketch in the same place of some other fruit.

And then… back to preparing for another crazy week on campus. This time I am going to try (once again) to learn to say no to some things, because I really need to protect my time a lot better than I have been.

Update: Here’s a short video of the brush strokes –


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2 Responses to Sunday Fruit

  1. Mary Cole says:

    Love this. The colours are so vivid.