At the Breakfast Bar

This weekend I stayed over at the house of some dear friends, spending a bit of time out of town. I was up early this morning, and while I waited for everyone to get into full gear, I had a bit of time on my own to do a sketch of what was sitting in front of me after I finished my coffee and toast. (Click for larger view.)

I got my sketchpad and pencil first, and then decided that it was a while since I’d done anything directly on the iPad, and not since I’d got the new iFaraday stylus I got a while back, so this was a good opportunity and I was in the mood for working on the iPad. I laid down a rough sketch on one layer in a reasonably quick way, and was quite pleased with the result… and then a bit later in the morning I went back in and worked in some new lines in black on top.

Of course, I could not leave it there, as I had some of the lovely colours in mind from the start… So yes, I splashed on a bit of colour later on, turning a quick sketch into a longer affair. This time, I chose to put the colors under the lines, standard graphic novel style.


You can check out all my brush strokes in the YouTube video I made:


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7 Responses to At the Breakfast Bar

  1. Mark Srednicki says:

    Very impressive! I’ve been writing lectures on the ipad with the ifaraday, but I don’t have anywhere near the precise control that you have.

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    Thanks for the tip on the iFaraday – Anthony and I had been discussing getting stylus for our iPhones last weekend and I did not know they were available so we are going to check this out. Thank you – and great drawing – love the banana holder – great idea! cmj+

  3. Clifford says:

    Well Mark, thanks to you for telling me about this stylus… it’s really great. If you write neat lecture notes with it you may well have more control with it than I do… I tend to write a bit sloppily with it, but it is largely due to me not trying hard enough…


  4. Clifford says:

    Hi Carol….

    If only doing a little, you might use the smaller sticks by pogo, since you are not wanting to carry a six inch pen around for a tiny iPhone.


  5. Mark Srednicki says:

    Ah, but iFaraday also has a 4.5 inch version!

  6. Clifford says:

    Oh, oh!

    I stand corrected.



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