At the Breakfast Bar

This weekend I stayed over at the house of some dear friends, spending a bit of time out of town. I was up early this morning, and while I waited for everyone to get into full gear, I had a bit of time on my own to do a sketch of what was sitting in front of me after I finished my coffee and toast. (Click for larger view.)

I got my sketchpad and pencil first, and then decided that it was a while since I’d done anything directly on the iPad, and not since I’d got the new iFaraday stylus I got a while back, so this was a good opportunity and I was in the mood for working on the iPad. I laid down a rough sketch on one layer in a reasonably quick way, and was quite pleased with the result… and then a bit later in the morning I went back in and worked in some new lines in black on top.

Of course, I could not leave it there, as I had some of the lovely colours in mind from the start… So yes, I splashed on a bit of colour later on, turning a quick sketch into a longer affair. This time, I chose to put the colors under the lines, standard graphic novel style.


You can check out all my brush strokes in the YouTube video I made:


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