More Chatter about Physics


I’m switching tasks again. For a few days I was back on the Project (graphic book starring physics, you may recall) and managed to squeeze out some results. An inked panel from a page I was working on yesterday is above. (It is a continuation of some panels you’ve seen from a conversation earlier, see e.g. here, here, and here.) I’ve finally done drawing the four new pages of conversation I added to a story back in the Spring. Ack!

Today, it is back to Physics research. Three projects, and some indecision about which to dive back into. The condensed-matter-like one, the black hole one, or the what-is-string-theory one? And then there’s a grant application to get on with. Yay!


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4 Responses to More Chatter about Physics

  1. esther g kenda says:

    I watched you on tv under this program the universe, loved the program and watched the entire episode.You didnt really come out strongly on your position about God and the creation of the universe,but loved the fact that you didnt oppose it either.I hope my speculation as to why you had to do that is right .Anyway, I live in illinois in asmall city called champaign.Former student of Uof I and asingle mum of three from kenya.

  2. Clifford says:

    Hello Esther,

    Thanks for watching! I am glad you enjoyed the show. While I have not seen that episode and so don’t know what I say in it, it sounds like I did my usual thing – I spoke of the science I was asked about. I don’t have anything useful to say about Gods of any kind, I’m afraid. It is not my subject.



  3. Interesting Project, congratulations !

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