character_a_inkedStruggling for a post title, I went for a slight critique of the work I did on the character you’ve seen earlier*. She’s been grabbed from a panel showing her looking for a seat in a cafe where a conversation (about a physics issue) is to continue.

It is a large panel showing the layout of the cafe with all the people sitting and reading and talking and so forth, and she’s one of several small figures in it, so it is probably not that big a deal that she has somewhat heroic proportions here as compared to her more ordinary proportions in other panels.

Heroic here refers to the various choices of proportions you can give to figures, usually based on how many heads tall they are. You might have heard of people talking about how many heads tall a figure should be.

Well, there really is no “should be”, and different practitioners use different conventions… about seven and a character_a_paintedhalf heads is often considered the more ordinary proportions that you and I might have if you looked at a photograph and eyeballed the proportions. “Heroic”, often seen for superheroes and so forth these days, is more like eight heads and perhaps a bit… You see nine heads and so on in places a lot too, such as drawings of fashion figures and so forth (a lot of the extra height in the legs there). Leonardo Da Vinci is often credited with the eight-head hero, and I imagine that this is because of the famous Vitruvian Man drawing that everyone knows… Look it up. Anyway, my characters in this story are not meant to be heroic, at least not physically. They’re ordinary people. But sometimes, the pencil will go in that direction and I don’t always think it is necessary to over-correct. Sometimes it’s worth recalling that it’s not a photography project…

For more on The Project, see here.


*As usual, the images here are copyright Clifford V. Johnson. All rights reserved, etc.

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