Today is…

…Einstein’s birthday, Pi Day, and talk like a Physicist Day! and I forgot to do the post about it that I’d intended to. Drat. It has been very busy here.


Stealing from a post I did on this triple-purpose day back in 2008:

A breakdown of your choices:

  • If going for the [tex]\pi[/tex] day aspect, then you must recall to walk in circles at 1.59pm (I think). you know, so that it is 3.14159…and so forth… Here’s a site for more. And here for a potted history.
  • Taking the middle option…. Er…. Well, do a thought experiment. Maybe come up with an important principle about how our universe works. We need new ones.
  • Finally… Well, several of you don’t need to do anything for the last option right? It would take a non-trivial effort to talk otherwise, right? For the non-physicists among you, as a first approximation, be sure to make lots of allusions to breaking things down into component parts, simplifying, and so forth – even when it is only marginally relevant. That’s what we do* when we forget to switch off the physicist-mode. If lost, click here for help.

*See my post “Consider a Spherical…” for example.


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One Response to Today is…

  1. Mary Cole says:

    I spent all day yesterday thinking that there something significant about March 14th, but I couldn’t think what. Now I know!