Pi Day – Einstein’s Birthday – Talk Like a Physicist Day

Take your pick. (Yikes. I almost forgot.)


A breakdown of your choices:

  • If going for the [tex]\pi[/tex] day aspect, then you much recall to walk in circles at 1.59pm (I think). you know, so that it is 3.14159…and so forth… Here’s a site for more. And here for a potted history.
  • Taking the middle option…. Er…. Well, do a thought experiment. Maybe come up with an important principle about how our universe works. We need new ones.
  • Finally… Well, several of you don’t need to do anything for the last option right? It would take a non-trivial effort to talk otherwise, right? For the non-physicists among you, as a first approximation, be sure to make lots of allusions to breaking things down into component parts, simplifying, and so forth – even when it is only marginally relevant. That’s what we do* when we forget to switch off the physicist-mode. If lost, click here for help.


*See my post “Consider a Spherical…” for example.

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11 Responses to Pi Day – Einstein’s Birthday – Talk Like a Physicist Day

  1. Elliot says:

    We consider the large question of whether time is intrinsic or extrinsic to our multiverse, and through a series of gedanken experiments, show that any intrinsic scenario places additional constraints on the value of fundamental constants, that are in principle testable in the sub-planck scale regime.

    We did in fact throw a 100th birthday party for Albert Einstien back in 1979 in Annapolis Maryland. We’ll do the 150th in 2029.

    Happy “multiple event” Day


  2. Sunny Kalara says:

    Thanks Cliff.

    The link for the site for Talk Like a Physicist is http://www.TalkLikeAPhysicist.com.

    Hopefully it will continue with some whimsical things about Physics in general, beyond the today’s day of Talk Like a Physicist. Motionless Mondays, Thursday threads and Fermi Fridays..

  3. Elliot says:

    follow up

    I didn’t walk in a circle but I did eat a bagel.


  4. Yvette says:

    I believe this is the day that I typically shake my head a lot in exasperation, as I could never quite get into these things and don’t find the puns clever. Then I remember I’m on spring break so I don’t need to deal with the geeky physicists and feel better. 🙂

    (Really though, um, I’m going to take the obvious defense here of pointing out physicists talk like physicists all the time because that’s what they are!)

  5. Clifford says:

    Yvette:- I agree… but (1) Not only Physicists read this blog, and so they needed pointers 🙂 and (2) Sometimes it is fun to celebrate the cliches a little. Just once a year…!

    Enjoy the (Spring) break from your physicist colleagues!

    Elliot – Arrrghh! Third year in a row I completely forgot at 1:59:26 to even give it a thought. Drat!


  6. Elias says:

    Just curious about what people think about SR/LET correspondence


  7. Amiya Sarkar says:

    Pi has never failed to amaze me. Thanks for the pi-day website. The ‘Guns N Roses’ photo was a cool one.

  8. John Wade Eure says:

    Hawking’s ideas of alternate universe means that E=MC2=0 becuse in the alternate universe there are no black holes. This would imply that there is everlasting life and infinite energy because stars do not die there and therfore nothing else there could ever die.

  9. Clifford says:



  10. Sullivan says:

    I’ve many things about this mathematician, he has proved that the value of pi is not 3.14….

  11. Rohedi says:

    22/7=3.14285…while pi=3.14159…, oh 22/7 that has been commonly used in calculating both of circumtance and area of a circle only for the first three digits.