Valerie Weiss on Women, Science, and Film

You’ll recall me mentioning filmmaker Valerie Weiss from earlier posts this year about her debut feature film “Losing Control”. Well, she wrote a guest post* for the website Women and Hollywood this week. It was about a recent film made for the European Commission to encourage girls to go into science. Apparently it was awful. (I’d heard about it from someone else too, but did not get to see it. [Update: Yikes! Seen it… Yikes!**]) Valerie shares some thoughts about it and related issues in the post. Have a read! While there, have a look around the rest of the site, founded and edited by Melissa Silverstein. The focus on women filmmakers being underrepresented in many parts of the industry will remind you of similar concerns in areas of science such as physics, which I’ve talked about here on a number of occasions…


*Thanks AEF!
**It’s well worth looking at some of the video responses to the YouTube link… for example the fun marine biology one here, or the one by Meghan Gray, an Astronomer at the University of Nottingham, UK… and there are so many more!

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2 Responses to Valerie Weiss on Women, Science, and Film

  1. Mary Cole says:

    ‘The film would not inspire me to do science, it would inspire me to wear make-up’. My ten year old daughter’s verdict.